That didn't work. Katara was still angry, and you had to do something else. But that failed... Eventually, the Iceberg cracked, revealing a giant glowing orb of iceberg which rises to the surface of the ocean. Seeing the form of a human inside the ice, Katara thinks the person needs help and begins chopping away at the iceberg with your own club despite your warning not to, as you two do not know who the "thing" is. The ice breaks and releases a bright column of light into the sky. She turns around to see it collapse and you are sent back several feet by the large wave caused by the falling ice. You had to lay a protective arm over Katara while you are both lying flat on the floe, trying to stay on it. When it cooled down, "Okay, you've gone from weird to freakish, Katara." was your comment at the situation. Of course she was surprised, and "You mean I did that?" she said. You had to be sarcastic and point out, "Yep. Congratulations.".

Without warning, an enormous iceberg bursts to the surface. Katara strays closer and stares at the iceberg while you behind her stretches out your hand as if you want to hold her back. You two see a figure seemingly encased within the ice. The figure, perched in lotus, has a glowing arrow on his head and hands. Katara questioningly raises one eyebrow. It was a boy. Suddenly, the boy opens his eyes, which glow just like the arrows on his head and hands. This sudden movement startles you both.

"He's alive! We have to help!" she said as she charged towards the iceberg. You had to hold her back, but she just bursts through.

"Katara, get back here! We don't know what that thing is!"

You have only two options to do.