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1. Is Water an offensive art or defensive?

Trick question. It is balanced.

2. What time of day are Waterbenders at their strongest?

Night, as Waterbenders are more exposed to the moon, which is the origin of waterbending.

3. List three different types of Water that can be bended.

Liquid Water, Solid Ice, Gas Fog

4. Are Waterbending movements slow or fast?

Slow, to represent the flowing movement of water.

5. What art is the opposite of Water?


6. List the three sub-bending arts of Water.

Healing, Plantbending, Bloodbending

7. Apart from oceans, rivers, and lakes, list two places where you can bend water from.

Plants and the air.

8. How can Waterbending be used against a Firebender? List one way.

To douse the fire created by the firebender.

You are now a waterbender!