Eastern Air Temple
The Eastern Air Temple is one of the four Air Nomad Temples. Only Female Airbenders can join. Unlike other nations, this is not a military, and there is no need to make an application to join.


If you want to join, you must be a Female Airbender. If you are, just add your name here:

Get a Sky BisonEdit

"A Sky Bison is a companion for life"

--Sister Iio, from the Southern Air Temple.

If you wish to gain a sky bison, you shouldn't necessarily be a member or be a female, just copy the template below to your userpage:

{{SkyBisonOwner|(Name your Bison here)|(State the Gender of your Bison Here)}}

Council of EldersEdit

This Air Temple is "governed" by the Council of Elders, a group of five nuns. If you wish to participate with the Election or vote for a candidate, go here.

Get Your TattoosEdit

If you wish to get your Master Tattooes, you must do the following test. Name the page, "YOURNAME's Airbending Mastery Test".