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1. What character trait do Earthbenders normally have?

Big-headed character trait, being muscular, tough and direct.

2. Earthbenders do what in battle?

Master earthbenders, like Toph and Bumi, using neutral jing, wait until it is the right moment to strike in battle.

3. Is Earthbending a balanced art, or more offence or defence?

It has a distinct balance between offensive and defensive moves.

4. Can Earthbenders bend mud?


5. How can Earthbenders sense presence and attacks?

By using seismic sense, an art of earthbending by the badgermoles.

6. What is the season associated with Earthbending?


7. What is the opposite art to Earthbending?


8. What sub-skill can most Earthbenders not use?


9. Alone with the power of Earthbending, can an Earthbender be a victor?

Yes, as Toph beat Earthbenders with Earthbending in Earth Rumble VIII.

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