Complete this quiz by putting italic answers under the bolded text.

1. How is Firebending unique?

I dunno.

2. What type of art is Firebending? Offensive? Defensive? Balanced?

Offensive, because not a lot of defensive firebending is used in the series.

3. Firebending is weak at night, and disabled at solar eclipses. Why is that?

Because firebending draws its power from the sun, and at solar eclipses, the sun is blotted out by the moon, so no firebending at solar eclipses.

4. What is the sub-technique of Firebending?

Either lightning generation/redirection or combustion.

5. What is the opposite art to Firebending?


6. Can fire be augumented?

I dunno.

7. Do Firebenders use quick or slow movements?

Quick, as slow movements are waterbending.

8. How does the Equator help with Firebending?

The equator is very hot, so firebending is powered.

9. Does anger help with Firebending?

In some kind, yes, but breath is the fire used to firebend.

Your grade is 77.78 %. Which is, unfortunately, not enough to achieve the gift of fire. Try another element, or study more about Firebending, and try again. For your next test use "DZ's Test 2". Sorry, DZ. Blazing Ahmad, Firebender, General of the Fire Nation Navy, and Captain of the Probending Yu Dao Sky Bisons! 07:13, May 24, 2014 (UTC)