Complete this quiz by putting italic answers under the bolded text.

1. How is Firebending unique?

Answer: Firebending is unique because benders can generate their owm element to bend

2. What type of art is Firebending? Offensive? Defensive? Balanced?

Answer: Firebending is an offensive bending art.

3. Firebending is weak at night, and disabled at solar eclipses. Why is that?

Answer: Firebending is weak at night because firebenders draw their power from the Sun and because of that it is weaken at night and,since the Sun presence doesn't affect Earth during a solar eclipse, firebending is disabled during a solar eclipse

4. What is the sub-technique of Firebending?

Answer: The sub-technique of Firebending is lightning generation.

5. What is the opposite art to Firebending?

Answer: The opposite art of Firebending is Waterbending.

6. Can fire be augumented?

Answer:Yes, it can.

7. Do Firebenders use quick or slow movements?

Answer: Firebenders use quick moves.

8. How does the Equator help with Firebending?

Answer: The Equator powers Firebending up

9. Does anger help with Firebending?

Answer: It powers Firebending but can cause lots of destruction

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